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Baldy Ridge Outfitters has partnered with ElkBros Adventures, with the goal of giving you a hunt experience that goes beyond the traditional guide/outfitter model. The ElkBros purpose is to share their knowledge, expertise and passion to help you develop and take your own hunting skillset to a whole new level. ElkBros is here to teach and coach you, both prior to the hunt with their BaseCamp Online Elk Hunting Training Program and during your hunt by sharing, talking and teaching you their thought processes and the “why” to the things that they do. Our goal is to empower and make you a better and more confident “DIY” elk hunter and give you a value that goes way beyond the traditional guided hunt. This is not your typical point and shoot elk hunt y’all!


Once you book your hunt, you will receive access to the ElkBros BaseCamp Training Camp that has been developed and created by ElkBros coach, Joe Giglia. Joe shares his forty plus years of success based skills, strategies and knowledge that have led to his over ninety percent success rate as a bowhunter, hunting elk on public land.  Next, You will be given hunt preparation instructions to insure you are physically, mentally and materially ready for your hunt.  Lastly, you will meet your coach at The Ranch the day before your hunt to ensure you have everything you need for a successful hunt and with your coach you will build a plan for your time in the field! Once your hunt is complete, you will have the knowledge of a veteran hunter and will have the confidence to take on hunting anywhere!

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