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The Historic Mutz Ranch in Unit 55 is a stones throw away from Eagle Nest, NM.  The Historic Ranch is home to New Mexico's first incorporated town, Elizabethtown, and still features multiple original stores and homesteads.  The property is a a mix of open rolling fields and forested acreage, offering the ideal grounds for elk and deer to thrive. The property spans from Scully Mountain on the Southwest side of the property to Baldy Mountian on the Northeast side of the property.  Most of the Ranch's 7800+ acres sit at above 8000' elevation. The Ranch offers a multitude of areas to find large mule deer and elk herds;  due to the abundance of cover, numerous water holes and open hay fields.  
In addition to Elk and Deer, the Ranch has thriving populations of Turkey, Bear and Mountain Lion.  Due to our goals of maintaining healthy herds and not over hunt, we offer limited hunts of all species. 


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